Monday, July 2, The Everyday Life of a Pastor

My day started with me at the church at 7:00 AM.  We have moved our mid-week service to Tuesday night, (due to July 4th falling on a Wednesday), and I wanted to get a jump on sermon prep.  I usually stay at least a week ahead, but I’m rushing to get next Sundays messages completed.

Sunday morning I’ll be speaking on the subject, “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES” out of Romans 5:6-8.  The salvation that God offers men through Jesus Christ is not something He does for them because of something they have done for themselves. No, God does not save us because of us. He saves us in spite of us.

I took some time off this morning, 8:30 to 10:30 to play tennis with the Cary Sr. Tennis Group.  There’s approximately 25 of us that play.  They call me the preacher, and I’m excited about the positive influence I’m having with them.  One dear couple has made Haven their home church!

After tennis, and showering, I find myself back at church.  I spend the next hour on the phone calling about prospective youth pastors.   No success, but I know God has it under control and His man is on the horizon.

Kathy had a hair appointment and after dropping her off, I went to Starbucks with my computer.   Free refills and an outreach opportunity.  I always find a reason to talk to somebody about our church or what I’m doing in there.

Went back to pick Kathy up, stop at Walmart then light lunch at home and back to the church.  Spent the afternoon working on Sunday Evening’s message, and writing personal, hand-written notes to our first time guests that attended last Sunday.  (Yesterday).

My “Man Up” director, (our men’s group leader here at the church), stopped by with a great idea for the men of the church.  I love his passion and his desire to feed our men spiritually, and to encourage them to reach out into the community for the cause of Christ.

Well, take care my friends, and please email me with personal messages, questions, or comments.  Of course you can leave replies and likes right on the web page.  Feel free to suggest things that you think would make this site better.

In His Service,

Pastor Cliff

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