TUESDAY in the Life of a Pastor

Tuesday mornings always find me here at the church early.  I hadn’t been here long at all this morning, and one of my deacons stopped by for fellowship and to discuss a project we’ve been working on.  It’s only 7:25 and I am enjoying visiting with my friend.  He’s a lot like me, (insert joke here about how bad that is), in that he really dislikes projects that hang on and do not get accomplished.  He didn’t stay long and we set a plan into motion.

Our church van is need of a front brake job.  A brake job is expensive on a car, so I know it’s going to be high for a church van.  One of the men in the church, however, has a friend that’s a mechanic.  He called his friend, came by picked up the van and he is helping friend do the brake job.  The price is amazing at less than $140.00.  Thank you David!

In between the deacon visit and David taking the van to the repair shop I was able to complete Sunday mornings message and send the outline to the A/V team.  BTW:  Our Audio/Visual team do an amazing job.  I try to get everything to them early, but I appreciate them taking last minute surprises and making them work.

I went to McDonalds to grab a sausage burrito for lunch, and noticed my check engine light, (that came on last week indicating I need a new catalytic converter), went off.  So, I quickly ran to Matt’s house where he fixed my front headlight and then drove furiously to the NC Inspection Station where my car passed with flying colors.   God is good!  LOL.

I’m back at the church by 12:30 to work on blog and meet with carpet man.  We’re going to have to replace the carpet in the foyer.  It’s old, wrinkled, and stained.  (The carpet not the carpet man).  He was here about 45 minutes and for me it’s back to studying Romans 12.  I am always reading, and I personally believe that every pastor should be reading at least 1 book, (besides the bible), all the time.  I am usually reading 2 books.  I started reading, “Who Moved My Pulpit” by Thom Rainer again and also continued reading “The Riders of High Rock” by Louis L’Amour.   (I love reading Louis L’Amour westerns).

I received a text from one of the ladies of the church asking for special prayer for 3 different items.  All very important!  I called my wife and she started the official Haven Church prayer chain for those requests and I emailed the request to everyone in the church.

It’s raining steadily here at the church.  I’m a little disappointed because I play in the Cary NC city softball league.  Our team is in the final four of the city tournament but our game for tonight is definitely rained out.  I love playing softball and this is a great opportunity for outreach.  I’m living it in front of these men, and they call me the preacher.  I have built a great rapport with them and it’s only a matter of time before we see one of them attend our church on a Sunday morning.  We have to go to where lost people are gathering.  Christ commanded us to go out to the highways, hedges, and compel them to come in.  One of the reasons many churches are weak, anemic, and barely hanging on is they do nothing in the community to advance the cause of Christ!

Okay, enough for a while.   Please leave a comment or ask a question.  I’d love the interaction.

Pastor Cliff

2 thoughts on “TUESDAY in the Life of a Pastor

  1. Rick

    Hi Cliff, I am enjoying the blog! I have a question for you. As a Pastor how do you choose which book of the Bible to read?


  2. Great question Rick. I personally alternate between the Old and New Testament. I always start at Chapter 1 of course and then every day I read the same book until I finish the entire Book of the Bible. But that didn’t answer your question. When I finish one Book of the Bible I’ll thumb through and see how the Lord directs or if The Lord leads me to a certain Book. I make it a point to read some of the Books of the Bible that I don’t read that often, because all the Books of he Bible are important. I hope that answers your question.


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