Monday Afternoon, in the life of a Pastor

I had a great time of playing tennis this morning, and one of the men came up and was asking my about our church.  He said he’s want to come visit.  Awesome outreach!

My youth pastor gave his notice a few weeks ago and has accepted the youth pastor of a church near Vernon Alabama.  He’ll do great and is a tremendous youth pastor with character and integrity.  We’ll miss you Ben and Holly you are one of the hardest workers I’ve seen.

Please pray for me as I search for his replacement.  Email me if you want to recommend somebody (

Okay, I mentioned this morning that I would share one of the things about pastoring a church that tick me off.   It bothers me that people miss church so often.  I can understand work, vacations, illnesses and such, but we have many families that miss often and it doesn’t even bother them.   This past Sunday we had 19 regulars out.  I understand, some are out of state, and some are sick.  I think The Lord even understand those conditions.  If it doesn’t bother folks to just “miss” church then I think they need to step up their dedication to the Lord!

Back to the life of a pastor:  The rest of Monday mornings I start to study and work on sermon preparation.  I spend approximately 8 hours on Sunday mornings messages, I spend approximately 6 hours on Wednesday nights messages, and I spend about 3 hours of study on Sunday nights messages.  I’ve been writing devotions to send out every morning the our church family and I try to write the whole weeks worth on Monday and Tuesday.

I mentioned this morning that I’m always reading through a book of the bible.  I currently am reading through Romans, and I am preaching  a lot out of that book as well.

Okay, I’m going to do some devotion writing, so I’ll post more tomorrow!

Take care my friends,

Pastor Cliff

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