It’s Monday!

If someone pinned me down and demanded to know what day I took off, I would have to say, “Monday.”  Truthfully, I don’t take any day, completely off.

I started the day by going to play tennis with the over 60 group at Dunham Park.  It’s a great time of playing tennis for 2 hours.  I use it as outreach, as I’ve got to know the group individually.  They call me “The Preacher.”  Several players have visited our church, and one family has said that they are making our church their church home.  It has taken a year and several have asked me to pray for them and various needs!

This is my idea of going into the highways and hedges and compelling them to come to church to hear of Jesus.  Tomorrow night, I’m trying out for an over 60 softball team.  Again, I’m using this as outreach.  We must go to where the people are, and let them see Jesus in us.  BEING A CHRISTIAN IS NOT WHAT I DO, IT IS WHAT I AM!

I must admit though, that the day didn’t get off to a good start.  I got on the scales and became disgusted with myself.  If it had been a talking scale it would have said, “One at a time please.”  I lost 17 pounds a year and half ago, not I’ve put about half of that back on.  Grrrrr!  So I started today to get back on the low carb diet, and have set a goal to to do 14,000 steps a day.   I’m at almost 15, 000 at the time of writing this blog.  LOL

We had several first time guests at church yesterday, and I’ve sent them hand written notes telling them how thrilled it was to have them as our guest.  They are welcome and wanted here at Haven!  I’m praying they come back next Sunday.

I spent several hours at the church today working on Wednesday night’s bible study.  I try really hard to get my outline to our church A/V team as soon as possible.  They do a remarkable job of putting all the songs and my sermon outlines on the big screen.  It’s a struggle sometimes to stay 2 weeks ahead in my sermons and studies.

Well, I’m going to watch some American Idol until the NCAA Basketball Tourney comes on.  Take care, and thanks for checking in on me.  Please click like or leave a comment.

Pastor Cliff



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