Love Wednesday’s

I really do love Wednesdays.  I usually start my Wednesday mornings by playing tennis with about 20 other players.  I like it that they call me “The Preacher.”  I’m trying to make inroads into the lives of the players.  Several ask me to pray for different things they’re struggling with in their lives, sometimes it’s about their children or Grandchildren.  One of the couples that play have visited the church several times, and have declared to the others that they are making Haven Church their “home” church!  (They even bragged on me and my sermons)!!!

Tonight is going to be special here at Haven Church because of the Scripture  that we’re covering.  Here’s the title slide of the projection presentation.  Our A/V team is tremendous and I love the quality of work they put in to make our service one of excellence.1.jpg

I’m headed out to distribute some Invitation postcards to our Community Easter Egg hunt that we’re having this Saturday.  It’ll be held on the front yard of the church for all the neighbors to see.  We’ve been promoting this event on Facebook and distributing 500 invitations.  Pray with me, that many in the community will attend this event.  E E H.png

God Bless You my Friends!

Pastor Cliff

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