It’s Sunday Morning!

church.JPGI love Sunday mornings.  I get to the church really early, and spend time with The Lord, and go over my entire sermon.

Our attendance was down a bit today, (cold and rain here in Raleigh today), however I was excited to see Mrs. Marion come in for our small group Bible Study.  Her husband passed away earlier in the week and she and her husband are legal guardians for their 16 year old Autistic Grandson.  The funeral and burial was Friday, yet here she is with her Grandson in Church on Sunday morning.  I wish all of our folks had that kind of dedication.

We were privileged to go out to eat with 4 families of the church.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and had a great time of fellowship!  I love being around the families in our church.

I can’t wait for tonight’s service as we have one of young teens singing her first solo.  She can really sing, and I am so excited for her and her walk with The Lord.

Take care and please check back tomorrow as I will continue our study on “When the fire goes out.”  I’ll be telling a funny story about something dumb I did a few years ago.  You’ll love it!

Pastor Cliff


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