Great Day at Church

We had a fantastic day at Haven Church yesterday.  We had two families attend as first time guests.  I was thrilled because our AM worship service was powerful.  You could sense the presence of the Lord in the services.

Our congregational singing was heart-felt and boisterous as they sang, “Your Love Awakens Me.”  We followed that with “No Not One” as it reminds us that there is absolutely no one that God doesn’t love & that there is No One that Jesus didn’t die for.

It is amazing how God works in the service to minister to our hearts.  One of ladies ministered in song and sang “His Life for Mine” and I could see tears streaming down the cheeks of several folks.  Oh, I wish you could have been here because we finished the service with a message from Matthew 5 asking the question, “Are You Truly Blessed?”

It is Monday morning, and I’m headed to the hospital to visit one of the men of our church.  I’ll then be traveling to an “All Boards Meeting” that is a couple of hours from me.  I love the fellowship of the board members, and doing the business of the Lord’s Work .  Take Care!



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