Church Alive Conference

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I have received several notes asking about my Church Alive Conference.  I have taken the experience of starting 4 church plants and teach these practical steps to growing a congregation for local churches.

I use power point and have it divided into three sessions.  Some of the conference is funny, while other times are serious.  There is an 8 page student manual, and I keep the conference exciting and interesting.  The conference lasts about 2 and 1/2 hours.

I also set up an 8′ table with a display of various church growth helps.  I’d be glad to make available a list of pastors who have hosted the conference.  I’m excited about how the Lord is using these conferences to help churches grow.

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  1. I pastor a small country Church in Tyrrell County NC. We’ve had brother Cliff come and present the Church Alive conference for us. We’ve found some strategy to help us grow both numerically and spiritually. I highly recommend you have him, it will certainly give you some practical advice that will help.


  2. I highly recommend this conference for all churches. It is both informative and motivational. Great help to Glad Tidings.


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